All Edgeboards are available in sizes from 25x25 to 150x150 with thickness of 1.5mm - 10 mm and most sizes in between. We carry a range of stock sizes for immediate delivery and will hold stock for call off for any special products you may require. All products are straight, tested and guaranteed

  • Standard

Made from normal papers but high bond adhesives
Comparable or better to anything currently in the UK

  • Increased Strength

This is our standard product, made from high strength papers and adhesives. The performance is exceptional, and we guarantee you will use a thinner product without issue – Try us and see
Let us know what you currently use and we will supply samples of Increased strength Edgeprotection for you to conduct your own trials.

  • High performance

These products are made from an exceptional range of papers and adhesives, and are generally supplied where a very high performance and tolerance is required. Performance does not just mean strength, it could mean humidity resistance, resistance to twisting, or it could just mean you want a product that is straight. We will work with you to make what you want.

All our Edgeprotection can be supplied with offset leg lengths, manufactured to tight tolerances. It can be given a high tolerance to moisture. And if you insist we can make Edgeprotection up to 10 mm thick. These thick high performance products are used extensively in Europe as strapping protectors – not the little pieces that go under a pallet strap, but the big reusable pieces that hold 25 tonnes of your products on a vehicle for secure safe delivery.


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