Adhesive Systems

There are many ways to stabilise a pallet. An alternative to Gripsheets and in some cases a better solution is to use a stabilising adhesive that is customised to your own needs. These types of adhesive are unique – water based and solvent free. The adhesives are all biodegradable. For volume automated production lines, the equipment is usually installed just before the palletiser with the chosen adhesive applied by spray gun or roller. The system is simple cost effective and clean and can be used on paper, polyethylene and woven sacks as well as cardboard cartons cases and shrink trays.

Our service provides you with a high level of preparatory work:

  • We test your packaging and recommend an adhesive – If necessary we will formulate one
  • We demonstrate the adhesive and it’s properties
  • Then and only then, do we proceed to real production trials
  • When you are ready we will loan you a machine, and provide assistance with installation
  • We will monitor it’s progress

Different packaging requires different application methods. Rollers for polyethylene sacks, spray guns for cartons – we have a solution


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