A Little Bit About Gripsheets By Loadlock

Gripsheets is a registered trade mark. The production process is unique.

Gripsheets also provide a conundrum: On the one hand you want the sheets to appear be ‘tacky’ to bind the packages together, but on the other hand you do not want the sheets to stick together and be difficult to separate. Engineering the polymer dot profile and application rate has overcome this problem – and as a result we offer the best in class non-slip performance. This approach also overcomes the well-known problem of competitive coated sheets – the performance on each side of the sheet can be very different – simply due to the coating process

Contrary to popular belief, thicker is not better when it comes to Gripsheets, indeed, most customers no matter what they start using, always seem to migrate to a 90 or even 60 gsm based Gripsheet - Why?
The best pallet stabilisation comes when the Gripsheet or indeed any other sheet has maximum surface contact with both the layer above and the layer below. Most cartons and sacks are not flat at the top or the bottom – we all like to think that our cartons are perfect, but they are not. Most Layerpads, and even more so corrugated sheets are rigid or semi rigid and are therefore very ineffective in pallet stabilisation, in fact, they can create more of a problem than they solve. The actual surface contact can be as low as 20%
It is accepted that corrugated sheets can add to the mix an element of protection – in effect they cushion the cartons from each other and in extreme cases provide rigidity to the assembled pallet. Do not confuse this protection and apparent stability when looking at Gripsheets – Gripsheets are different, and they provide a bond between the cartons which helps to eliminate movement and essentially locks the pallet together – Call us and try it!

Correctly specified Gripsheets help in two ways:

  • They try to follow the contour of the cartons
  • The polymer dots on the surface of the sheet are able to bridge the void and bind the surfaces together

Automatic application

Is an art not a science, and it’s not a subject in which there are too many experts. Every single auto applicator we have ever been involved with is different. With this difference comes experience and with this experience comes the knowledge to help you to lift Gripsheets successfully. Your machine can be tweeked to lift Gripsheets (usually for free!) and eliminate Layerpads, corrugated sheets and pallet sheets – which are usually less than ideal for pallet stabilisation. We can provide technical assistance with the choice of suction cups, vacuum systems and head design. You whole head assembly can be re-engineered if required.


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