Gripsheet 2

Gripsheet 2

The original Gripsheet 2 is based on a specially selected recycled paper, which is coated with a unique pattern of polymeric ‘dots’.
This patented process enables a wide variety of characteristics to be given to the product – They can be engineered to suit your needs. By changing the coating density & pattern you can influence their performance.

The product is :

  • Suitable for manual or automatic application
  • Automatic application is guaranteed
  • Available on a wide variety of substrates – not just paper
  • Available in thicknesses from 60 to 300 gsm

The products we specify for automatic application are different to those usually specified for manual application, the polymer is laid down in alternate rows on the surface.
When you examine our Gripsheets you will see that the unique position of the polymer on the top of the sheet places it directly above paper on the bottom of the sheet – not above other polymer. This unique effect means that when the sheets are stacked on a pallet the polymer dots are not in contact with each other so there is no chance of lifting more than one sheet – they do not stick together!


Gripsheet 2 is also available in an ever increasing list of variants:

  • Very heavy duty
  • Waterproof
  • Polyester Film based


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