Gripsheets® are a family of paper based products, the surface of which is coated to provide a non-slip surface to significantly increase the stability and safety of pallets in transit.

Gripsheets come in a variety of different types, but in all cases the surface treatment substantially increases their coefficient of friction. Most Gripsheets being paper based can be recycled as paper - no need for specialist disposal.

Gripsheets are usually classified by use:


  • Protect your products and your profits
  • Stabilise pallets
  • Reduce or Eliminate Film
  • Can be applied by hand or automatically
  • In thicknesses from 60 – 300 gsm

The development of Gripsheets is an evolving process: We now supply products which are:

  • Water proof as well as water resistant
  • Food Grade
  • Heavy duty – Not just thicker but heavy duty (and waterproof!)
  • Coated – one side only
  • Converted to corrugated boards – E-flute
  • Polymer coated
  • Polyester film based


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