Bag Fix Palletising Adhesives

Currently over 80 different adhesives are in constant use around the world, more if you add the specials. Just like there is no such thing a normal polyethylene sack, so too is there no such thing as a normal adhesive – we will supply or formulate an adhesive to suit your own environment and if you should ever need to change the supplier of your packaging then we will check and reformulate to ensure you get the correct adhesive for your packaging.

Adhesives are supplied in a variety of container sizes, from 30 litre polyethylene drums all the way up to 1,000 litre IBC’s. All containers are one way only, rinse them out and throw them away or reuse them.

A collection service exists in the UK to take away used IBC’s

Once you have a system from us you have a commitment
We hold your adhesive in stock and supply typically in 3 – 5 days


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