Bag Fix Palletising System

Bagfix Bagfix

Bag Fix palletising systems will meet all your production needs, from a simple hand applied gun to a fully cased cabinet for dusty production sites. All the machines use the same components an all the components of the system are in stock.

All machines feature the same specifications:

  • Can be fed from a variety of container sizes.
  • The system is closed all the way through to the delivery system – be it a gun or a roller.
  • Automatic detection of different pack sizes
  • Low level alarm with plc interface
  • Skip application for the top pallet layer
  • No down time – adhesive changes do not stop production
  • Quick connect delivery systems
  • Exact measurement (and therefore application levels)
  • Automatic pump dead space cleaning

To which we can add:

  • Customised application guns with positive seal and sprinkle (adjustable Spray) function.
  • Roller applicators with quick release fittings for cleaning and / or replacement.
  • Stainless steel cabinets for dusty environments.
  • Temperature controlled heating cabinets, tubing and guns for operation down to -20°.
  • Multi head machines – several guns fed from one machines.


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