U Profiles

Our ‘U’ profiles are unique – They don’t fall off! We call this the ‘clamping effect’ and it comes as standard on all our ‘U’ profiles. Due to the unique method of manufacture we can offer profiles that fit. Within limits you can select the inside base size and leg length, and if the mandrel exists the product can be made.

We can supply ‘U’ profiles with an internal base measurement as small as 8 mm or as large as 200 mm, which can be guaranteed to 'Grip' the product being protected. ‘U’ profiles are widely used in the UK by many blue chip companies

For many years the UK and European markets have supplied Edgeprotection that has conformed to the norm. The norm that is in description, not in specification. We like to think we have changed this. If you buy  from us then the specification will never change – it will not be too thin (or too thick), It will be straight and it will be made from the same materials on each delivery. This also applies to our special profiles.


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