Packaging Review By Loadlock

Loadlock offer on a no obligation basis a pallet stabilisation review for your finish goods

We will come to your site, and review all your tertiary packaging requirements

  • We will look at what you are doing
  • We will listen to what you want to do
  • We will provide you with a report of the choices available
    • Even if it does not use our products!

Over time it is easy within a large corporation to buy many items for end of line packaging whose use today needs to be questioned. The need for some of them will be lost. But they are used anyway. This is compounded by the advent of new  and innovative packaging materials – many products in use today can be replaced or even eliminated.

Ask yourself the question:
‘How many different types of layer sheets, deviders, separators or corrugated sheets do you buy?'
If it’s more than two, then you need a review

If our suggestions meet with your approval, we will run supervised trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of our ideas

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