Special Products

Everything we supply is special – but some things are more special than others!


Ideal to protect the top of a pallet for the ravages of a second pallet when double stacked


Foam faced boards designed to meet a seemingly impossible goal – protect clear polished or delicate surfaces, from damage or marking from movement or abrasion. Just image what you can do with a one sided Cushionsheet – die cut into foam faced cartons, or perhaps Soft fruit trays?

Flat Profiles

Made to the same Exacting Standards as or Edge protection, but they are simply flat and straight
Used extensively as separators of sheet products such as special steels and worktops, but they can be so strong as to form the base runner on a paper pallet.

Machine Grade Edgeprotection

Made, cut and packed to exceptional standards. Created and approved for use on all known automatic applicators. These applicators are usually associated with an automatic palletising machine and the pieces are fed from a cartridge.


Not cartons – Boxes – Made from heavy duty Edgeprotection that interlock to form a box of any length. Used for long objects such as Yacht masts, Antennas etc


Gripsheets on a reel.

We can also supply you with our automatic sheet cutter and out-feed table. Great if you need sheets of different length for different pallets, but excellent if you need to get a sheet through the guards on an automatic palletiser

Gripsheet Derivatives

We can be creative, we can take a one side coated Gripsheet and create say an E-flute corrugated board, a non-slip board liner.

What’s your idea?

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